Special Gallery 2004
Before the Regional Competition

Internet access in the physics lab - Student research Heiko Burau - Student research Yuck! - Student research
Web surfing in the physics lab: "Hmmm, I need an idea...", "Has my toll collection system already been invented?", "Where can I find something about electrorheology?" Heiko's first experiments regarding electrorheology. It is good that this is happening in the physics lab and not in the living room at home. An occasional mess is part of experimenting. Hopefully this will be cleaned up before Walter Stein sees this... (unlikely).
Sebastian Benden - Student research Florian Kotzur - Student research Florian Kotzur, supervisor Andreas Goris, Stefan Krumpen - Student research
Sebastian is looking for suitable chemicals for plastic electronics in the chemistry lab. Florian's droplets seem to be misbehaving at the moment (microfluidics). Florian and Stefan discuss their experiment with supervisor Andreas Goris.
Stefan Hück, Heiko Burau, supervisor Andrea Frick - Student research Stefan Hück, Heiko Burau - Student research Enrico Skoruppa, Matthias Turinsky - Student research
Stefan and Heiko discuss the next steps with supervisor Andrea Frick. Stefan and Heiko conduct experiments on the teacher's desk. Enrico and Matthias are making good progress with their experiments.
Veronika Stein, Rita Waldukat, Frederik Vus, Sophia Uhlmann - Student research Sebastian Benden - Student research Björn Schlüter, Johannes Turinsky - Student research
Rita, Frederik, Sophia and their supervisor Veronika Stein seem cautiously optimistic. Final preparations for the regional contest: Sebastian prepares his posters. Johannes and Björn practice their talk again... . Finally, we are ready for the regional contest in Düsseldorf.
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