Special Gallery 2005
State Contest

Why Do I Want to Attend the State Contest "Jugend forscht"?

Japanese Garden - State Contest Japanese Garden - State Contest Salad Buffet at Bayer - State Contest
The "Japanese Garden" is located right next to the BayKomm, where the state competition usually takes place. The Japanese Garden is the first reason for wanting to qualify for the state contest, but the second reason is even more important... The state contest ends with a celebration. This must not be missed as Bayer can afford good cooks... . This is a (small) part of the cold buffet (second reason).
Dessert at Bayer - State Contest Even better: Apart from the main course, there is also dessert. The third reason is the grand dessert buffet. Of course, there are also the numerous more obvious reasons...

The Most Important People

Dieter Römer - State Contest Iris Müller-Florath - State Contest
State Contest Director Dieter Römer Iris Müller-Florath

Youth Jury 2005

Youth Jury - State Contest Benedikt Lorbach (Youth Jury) - State Contest
The Youth Jury awards - surprise - the "Award of the Youth Jury" at the state contest Benedikt Lorbach (St. Michael-Gymnasium) was a member of the Youth Jury at the state contest in 2005
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