The Bicycle-Forward-Mirror

Felix Giepmann, Wenzel Schoroth

In a newspaper, we read about a cyclist who was speeding along a busy road while bowing over the handlebars to minimize air friction. However, in this position he was not able to see the parked car, he crashed into it, flew through the window and bled to death. This gave us the idea to mount a mirror on a bicycle in such a way that the cyclist can look forward while bowing over the handlebars. The image in the mirror will be upside-down (mirror-inverted), however, one can get used to it in a short time. Initially, we considered a double reflection to turn the image right side up, however, such an arrangement woud have reduced the field of view or it would have been very bulky. Our mirror is fairly small and therefore it does not get in the way when cycling and it does not significantly impact the look of the bike.

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