Observing the Sun using the Internet

Christian Dally, Alexander Grefrath

project report

As the sun cannot be observed with the naked eye, a telescope with a solar filter and a small radio telescope were used by other students of our school. However, in recent years a lot of data and remarkable images from satellites and observatories have become available to students via the internet.

We want to show how the internet can be a useful tool for solar observations. By using the internet effectively, one can find out quickly and in depth about the physical processes that are currently happening on the sun. We found data, images and videos that previous generations of students would not even have dreamed of. The most beautiful ones and the best ones accompany the project report on a CD-ROM.

Using this material, we have attempted to introduce the reader to solar physics. We have included a solar physics problem sheet to test the reader and a current list of links for further reading.

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