Popcorn - An Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Ronja Stein

project report

If you want to send glasses or other fragile items by post, you do not need polystyrene chips. You can use popcorn instead. Popcorn is an environmentally friendly packaging material, which can be reused as animal feed or garden fertilizer.

My project deals with the environmentally friendly production of popcorn based on solar energy and its use as packaging material. I wrapped very fragile glasses using popcorn and posted them to my grandma in Cologne. All glasses arrived without damage.

Furthermore, I made rigid molded packaging from popcorn, which can be used for wrapping items such as fragile electronics devices. I also built a small cool bag out of puffed rice plates and I was able to show through measurements with a thermometer that it cooled more effectively than a cool bag of equal size made from polystyrene.

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