The Footmouse

Moritz Plötzing

project report

I had the idea to develop a footmouse when I read a newspaper article about "arm injury due to computer mouse". The footmouse, which I designed and built, can be used at the same time as a regular mouse, allowing the user to alternate between hands and feet. This can prevent cramps and increases the typing speed as the hands can remain on the keyboard.

Even both hands can be available while surfing the web, e.g. for eating and drinking. However, the biggest potential impact of the footmouse relates to the integration of disabled people in the regular work environment, as it allows many computer tasks to be performed with no or limited use of the hands.

My footmouse can be built at low cost as it is based on a simple cylindrical wheels. I patented my invention as patent number 199 07 597.2 at the German Patent Office in Munich.

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