Recycled Paper, Why Not?

Anna Schweinem, Sophia Uhlmann

Every German uses about 250 kg of paper annually. As students consume a lot of paper, we decided to look into the topic of recycled paper. We have written a questionnaire for students and teachers in order to find out about their use of paper. To allow comparison between East and West Germany, we circulated the questionnaire at our school (St. Michael-Gymnasium) and we sent it to Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere in Weimar. We found that a lot of students do not know about recycled paper and that most students are indifferent with regard to their use of paper. Aiming to change this, we will try to convince students and teachers via writing, painting and drawing tests on different papers that recycled paper is fully sufficient for schools.

Therefore, we will also sell notebooks and pads consisting of recycled paper in our school. We will donate the profit for tree planting in the commune Piéla in Burkina Faso to combat desertification. This way we try to contribute to sustainability and the protection of our environment.

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