The Intelligent Toothbrush

Meike Spiess

project report

I had the idea to develop an intelligent, electronic toothbrush that teaches children how to brush their teeth correctly. Brushing teeth correctly means 1. brushing regularly, 2. brushing sufficiently long and 3. brushing with the right technique. Learning the right technique for brushing teeth early is particularly important as people tend to use the same technique for their entire life.

My "intelligent toothbrush" meets all of these requirements as its electronic circuit or microprocessor system checks whether the child obeys the above rules.

The electronic solution: 6 hours after brushing for the last time an LED lights up to remind the child to brush regularly. A timer checks that the child brushes sufficiently long. The brushing technique is checked by a vibration contact and a digital counter, which counts only the correct movements. A melody rewards the child after they have brushed their teeth correctly for a sufficient time.

The digital microprocessor-based solution: I have written a program for a microprocessor which monitors the brushing technique, how long the child brushes their teeth and how much time passes in between. In contrast to the electronic solution, the child hears a cheerful melody while brushing their teeth and an alarm sounds when the toothbrush is moved incorrectly.

I have applied for a patent to protect the "intelligent toothbrush". As I conducted a patent search online and at the patent information center in Aachen before submitting my application to the German Patent Office I am hopeful that my patent will be granted.

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