From Accelerometer to GBS and IFS

Henrik Krupp

project report

This project is about the design and construction of a portable acceleration data recorder, which can make physics lessons more applied and thus more interesting.

The measurement device allows creative applications, e.g. acceleration measurements on scooters, in cars or on roller coasters. The measurement accuracy is better than 5 mg, the measurement range is ±2 g on 2 axes and the sampling rate is 80 Hz per axis. The I²C bus system allows the device to be upgraded with larger memory or new modules.

The measurements can be transferred to a computer via USB for further processing in conventional programs such as Excel or Access. Simple handling of hardware and software makes it easy for users to focus on physics, rather than technical issues.

A special Excel macro has been developed, which calculates and visualizes the velocity, distance, force, energy, momentum and even the route based on the measured acceleration, while compensating for artefacts such as tilt of the sensor.

I combined the idea of determining the orientation of objects based on gravity with the experience gained through the design and construction my acceleration data recorder and patented a "Gravity-Balance-System", which can be used as an "Intelligent-Failsafe", an emergency stabilization system for model aircraft.

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