A Jack of All Trades

Robin Stein

project report

The goal of my project is to build an inexpensive small laboratory for physics lessons in our school's computer science lab. I am convinced that experimental equipment and computers belong together and that they should not be located in separate classrooms as they have been so far. To allow students to do experiments in our computing lab, I have included many components in my little physics lab and I have conducted many experiments. The most important instruments that allow experimental data to be recorded by a computer are a sound card, a digital multimeter that can be connected to a computer, an inexpensive interface and a webcam for video analysis. This allows me to cover a wide range of experiments at low cost and using little space. In terms of software, my experiments use Goldwave, Galileo and Excel. I would like to highlight the new GMR – magnetic field sensor AA1002-2, which allows particularly interesting experiments. I called my tiny laboratory a "Jack of All Trades" as it can be used in many areas of physics.

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