The Cell Phone as Black Box

Heiko Burau

project report

Have you ever had a traffic accident? If so, then you might have had trouble proving what really happened. In some cases this ends in the jungle of bureaucracy and you might even have to pay for the damage even though you were innocent.

With my system this will be a thing of the past. It records the acceleration of the vehicle and a video of the accident. This does not require expensive equipment, like the solutions that are currently available. Your cell phone and a small additional unit that costs no more than 25 euros are sufficient.

While driving, the cell phone films and receives acceleration data, which it records. If an accident happens the video will be available to check what happened before, during and after the accident. Additionally, the acceleration data provides evidence of your reaction time and the severity of the collision. This way you can prove to your insurance company that the damage was indeed caused by the accident. Im most cases it will be possible to answer all questions already with the video alone.

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