Laser Safety Goggles

Sebastian Dederichs, Bastian Polaczek, Daniel Reschetow

project report

We have designed three different types of laser safety goggles: two mechanical ones, two electrical ones and cell phone laser safety glasses. In case of the mechanical laser safety glasses, the brightness can be adjusted using polarization filters. Our fast electrical laser safety glasses use liquid crystals.

Our cell phone laser safety glasses are absolutely safe. Dangerous light sources such as lasers or electric arcs can be viewed indirectly via the cell phone display. In the worst case scenario, a very bright light source or laser beam might damage the cell phone camera, but not the eye. The cell phone can be replaced, but the eye cannot! In contrast to conventional laser safety glases, our cell phone laser safety glasses have the advantage that the laser beam remains visible and therefore they also protect from accidental burns during experiments.

We hope that our work has contributed to more safety at work and at home.

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