Tobias Kaufmann, Luca Banszerus, Michael Schmitz

project report

Graphene is currently one of the hottest research areas in physics. Only 4 years ago it was believed that such carbon monolayers could not exist. By now, graphene has been created in a few labs worldwide. However, graphene fabrication at school is a very big challenge. After many failures, we have succeeded multiple times in fabricating single layer graphene on a Si-SiO2-wafer and to study it using a reflecting microscope. Graphene has to be contacted in order to study its electrical properties. This turned out to be particularly difficult as our graphene flakes were only 20-300μm in size. After successful contacting we succeeded in making a junction gate field-effect transistor based on graphene. This is a key building block on the path to carbon electronics which will complement or possibly even replace silicon electronics due to its outstanding properties. Furthermore we are studying the properties of graphene for sensing. We want to improve and expand our experiments until the contest takes place.

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