Walking Leafs - We Examine Them Carefully!!!

Nina Zimmer, Mariana Wiedenau

project report

At first they look like harmless leafs, but when you look closer you are staring into the eyes of little green monsters.

But why did we look into walking leafs in the first place? One day we discovered a terrarium in our biology lab, but we could not spot any animals. After a while we noticed the intriguing insects that we named Saphira, Eragon and Johnny. Initially we only took over their care, but soon we knew that we wanted to find out everything about them!

It is amazing how fast they eat, how they fly, what they look like... observing these animals is a lot of fun! However, our green friends can be difficult! In our experiments they behave like kings that do not have to do anything, but with little tricks we get answers to our questions out of them. These little buggers are so fascinating and enjoyable that we will continue to find out more about their senses, preferences and reproduction. Saphira has been laying eggs for weeks, while Johnny and Eragon continue to grow and are starting to fly. There is so much more to discover!

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