The Radio Moon / A Radio Telescope as a Learning Environment

Daniel Reschetow, Florian Büttner

project report

The goal of our project is to introduce students to experimental radio astronomy. Therefore we contacted the radio telescope Stockert near Bad Münstereifel. However, we did not just want to play with the telescope. The experiments that we conducted should help students to get to know the fantastic world of radio astronomy.

We used the 10m mirror at Stockert to determine the speed of light, the temperature of the moon and the Doppler effect that results from the moon's orbit. Using the 25m mirror, we determined the rotational speed of the Milky Way based on the Doppler shift of the 21cm line of neutral hydrogen. A comparison with expected rotation speeds based on visible matter did suggest the existence of dark matter. Currently we are creating a homepage with our measurements to allow students from all over the world to access these and to work with them.

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