3D-Printing a Lab-on-a-Chip

Leon Heinen, Justus Beyerling

project report

Lab-on-a-chip technology has great growth potential and already plays an important role in analytical chemistry, however, cost and complex fabrication have been limiting its use so far. Our goal is to understand and improve this fascinating technology by simplifying lab-on-a-chip fabrication and reducing its cost. Low-cost devices would make new applications in chemistry and molecular biology commercially viable, facilitate wider use in existing application areas and allow the introduction of lab-on-a-chip technology to the classroom. We develop and produce our low-cost lab-on-a-chip with our school's 3D printer. We also investigate suitable methods for moving fluids on our lab-on-a-chip in order to mix liquids and perform chemical reactions. Our final goal is to develop a versatile lab-on-a-chip that can be produced easily.

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