"Miniforschung" - Research at St. Michael-Gymnasium

"Miniforschung" - a scheme for helping the most interested and gifted students excel - was initiated by physics teacher Walter Stein on 5th November 1985 at St. Michael-Gymnasium. Normal school lessons necessarily have to be targeted at the average and thus they cannot be effective in helping the most talented students achieve their true potential. Exploiting such talent benefits not only the students, but also society as a whole.

Miniforschung develops talents in natural sciences and engineering as well as presentation skills through research projects and participation in science competitions, particularly "Schüler experimentieren" and "Jugend forscht". The research topics span a broad range of subjects from the traditional sciences to nanotechnology, energy and astronomy. The scale of the scheme and the quality of research projects conducted by students of St. Michael-Gymnasium becomes clear when considering that there have been more than 270 students conducting 241 projects and winning 434 awards including awards at the national and European level between 1986 - June 2015. During these years, our school and its teachers have won an additional 47 awards for the Miniforschung activity including national recognition as Germany's "Jugend forscht School". The projects have been supervised by a total of 33 people including teachers, former participants and academics from surrounding universities and research institutes.

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