Awards Summary 1992 (4 Hits)

Project and Authors Awards

Solar Storms and Solar Oscillations

Alistair Göpffarth, Andreas Goris, Rudolf Scheuren

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • 1st Place Geosciences/Astronomy
    ⇒ Qualification for the state contest "Jugend forscht"
State Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • 2nd Place Geosciences/Astronomy

Feeding Behaviour and Orientation of the Red Wood Ant away from its Nest

Thorsten Brangenberg, Alexander Neubauer

Regional Contest "Schüler experimentieren"
  • 1st Place Biology
    ⇒ Qualification for the state contest "Jugend forscht".
    I.e. the project was upgraded to the contest "Jugend forscht".
State Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • Special Award Biology

Determination of the Water Quality Class of the River Erft around Bad Münstereifel using Biological and Chemical Methods

Markus Gleitz, Markus Hergarden, Martin Schwarz

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • Special Award Environment

How Fast do Flies Fly?

Oliver Büser, Thilo Kazmierczak

Regional Contest "Schüler experimentieren"
  • Special Award Physics
School and Teacher Awards St. Michael-Gymnasium
  • Special Award of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    for the successful participation in the contest Jugend forscht

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht" & "Schüler experimentieren"

Location: Düsseldorf
Date: 18. February 1992
Groups of St. Michael-Gymnasiums: 9
Awards: 4 + 1 School Award

State Contest NRW "Jugend forscht"

Location: Leverkusen (Bayer AG)
Date: 9. - 11. March 1992
Groups of St. Michael-Gymnasiums: 2
Awards: 2
Projects School Contests

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