Awards Summary 1994 (2 Hits)

Project and Authors Awards

The World's Smallest Radio Telescope

Silke Kremer, Gerd Nolden, Mario Simons

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • 1st Place Geosciences/Astronomy
    ⇒ Qualification for the state contest "Jugend forscht"
State Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • 3rd Place Geosciences/Astronomy

Diatom Studies at the Erft River in Bad Münstereifel

Jan Behrend, Christian Bornkessel

Regional Contest "Schüler experimentieren"
  • Special Award Biology
School and Teacher Awards St. Michael-Gymnasium
  • Special Award of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    for the successful participation in the contest Jugend forscht

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht" & "Schüler experimentieren"

Location: Thyssen Trade Center Düsseldorf
Date: 4. February 1994
Groups of St. Michael-Gymnasiums: 5
Awards: 2 + 1 School Award

State Contest NRW "Jugend forscht"

Location: Leverkusen (Bayer AG)
Date: 7. - 9. March 1994
Groups of St. Michael-Gymnasiums: 1
Awards: 1
Projects School Contests

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