Movement of the Solar Spots

Andreas Goris

Scientists have been trying to find a method for predicting solar flares for a long time. Solar flares are energetic bursts of radiation (from gamma rays to radio waves) that are linked to emission of energetic particles. They can disturb the earth's magnetic field (affecting radio communication) and threaten the life of astronauts. Therefore, the ability to predict flares would be particularly beneficial for manned space travel.

As flares and sunspots are directly linked to the solar magnetic field, I had the idea that the observation of sunspots might allow the prediction of flares.

Therefore I demonstrated that sunspots move relative to the differential rotation of the sun. Furthermore, I was able to show that the distribution of sunspots had changed after a flare. Finally, by analysing statistical data, I have been able to identify a possible approach to flare prediction based on the observation of sunspots.

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