Glare-Free Upper Beam Headlights

Felix Schoroth, Thomas Tondorf

project report

In order to make driving at night safer and more comfortable for everyone involved, we are trying to find a way of realizing glare-free upper beam headlights.

In order to reach this goal, we use polarization filters of perpendicular orientation on headlights and glasses for the driver. This way, direct light from the headlights is absorbed by the second filter, while light that was scattered or reflected by another object can be seen.

Initially, we tested the transmission of the polarization filters and found that the measurement results were not consistent with our visual impressions.

Later we conducted test drives with a car that we had equipped with polarizers as described above. The visibility was generally good, but we did notice a minor reduction of the brightness of snow, which was so small that it did not pose any risk.

The system worked well and we enjoyed our test drives.

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