Digital Biology

Annika Baron, Mathias Krüger, Philip Siefer

project report

The goal of our project on digital biology is to show the sceptical biology teachers at our school how computers can be valuable tools for biology lessons. Using a frame grabber and a sound card we prepared a large number of examples:

  1. We created digital worksheets containing videos and sounds.
  2. We analysed voices and conducted a hearing test using the sound card.
  3. We stored videos lasting 20 seconds on floppy disks, so that they can be watched by students without a frame grabber.
  4. We demonstrated how such videos can be created.
  5. We showed how students can be given inexpensive colour images for analysis without requiring time consuming photo development.
  6. We showed how websites can be saved and processed for biology lessons.
  7. Of course, we also showed how the whole course can dissect a frog without any mess online.
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