EPSI - Environmental Protection via Satellite images and Internet

Britta Pielen, Tobias Plötzing, David Schnicke

project report

Our modern world is frequently affected by problems that require a quick response. Our media literate young generation should take responsibility for our planet. Early detection of environmental catastrophes and climate change is needed to be able to effectively limit their impact and for prevention in the future. The scale of destruction can be minimized through global observation based on satellite imaging. However, only few of the thousands of satellite images that are taken every day are freely available through the media as intended by the German Environment Information Law.

The human habitat could be protected more effectively through early detection of threats based on satellite imaging. Availability of such data on the internet would enable a large community of users to contribute. So far, most of the data that is available on the world wide web is related to meteorology. Graphical representations of the vegetation index and Landsat images are rare. Nevertheless, we were able to find enough material to consider these topics in our project.

We studied the current phenomenon "El Niño" based on satellite images on the internet. We also analysed the possibilities opened up by comparison of vegetation index, ozone measurements and Landsat images in detail. We aim to demonstrate with our project that all schools can make a real contribution to protecting the environment. The effectiveness of environmental school projects could be enhanced through collaboration. Furthermore, the implementation of our project at other schools would open up new possibilities for useful, sensible and current environmental education. During this project, we have searched and catalogued many websites. We aim to summarize our results on our homepage. In order to encourage others to participate, we have illustrated possible project ideas in our report.

Our goal is the more active participation and greater interest of the young generation in the protection of our future.

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