Do Traffic Signs Have to be Stupid?

Daniel Merget, Meike Spiess

project report

As the entrance exam for our school's physics club, we had to measure the average speed of paramecia. We measured an average speed of 0.5 mm/s using a video microscope. However, we did not think that this would be a suitable topic for a project.

Why should we measure the speed of paramecia? It is much more important to measure the speed of road users. We thought that traffic signs based on modern technology could do this themselves. Therefore we developed an "intelligent traffic sign", which measures the speed of road users and which can even punish those who are going too fast. We modelled and designed the required electronic circuit using the program "Crocodile Clips" and we aim to demonstrate a working model at the contest.

Furthermore, we have thought of a number of other kinds of "intelligent traffic signs".

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