Mobile Home Monitoring through the World Wide Web

Annika Baron, Philip Siefer

project report

Our goal is to develop and test an inexpensive and user-friendly solution for controlling and inspecting flats, holiday homes, offices, ... remotely via the internet or the phone line. While playing with a wireless camera and a remote controlled model car we had the idea to use the car as a mobile surveillance robot.

Using the software pcAnywhere, we were able to control a computer and its interface board remotely, but we were not able to get a smooth video connection. Only after combining pcAnywhere with the free program NetMeeting we were able to steer our surveillance robot via the internet as the video connecting was working without major delays in parallel to the remote control of the model car.

Thus, we have reached our goal and we believe that our user-friendly low-cost solution is interesting for many. Therefore we are thinking about starting a small company.

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