Everything for the Cat

Ronja Stein

project report

I really love my cat Panky. Yet, I don’t like feeding her, rinsing the stinking feeding dish or cleaning the cat litter pan. Besides, I was always worrying whether she was well taken care of, whenever I went on short trips. That needed to be changed!

To find out what automatic cat care systems had already been invented, I searched the Internet. There are automatic food and water dispensers for cats and dogs in the USA. Those didn't meet my expectations, though. Moreover, I didn’t find a self-cleaning cat litter tray. So I designed a new food dispenser, which I thought could serve my cat Panky better than the automats I found on the Internet. Additionally, I invented a self-cleaning cat litter pan and a scratch-cuddle-play-tree.

Now I know that my cat is always well taken care of and that I have less work to do.

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