Prevention Instead of Cure - Cost Explosion due to Fast Food and Lack of Exercise

Sophia Uhlmann, Frederik Vus, Rita Waldukat

project report

One of our team members noticed that their granny seemed to shrink and adopt a bent posture. She had stopped hitting her head when walking through the door. And indeed, a comparison with old measurements confirmed the suspicion: The granny had shrunk! We discussed this observation. Looking into possible causes, we found that this could be due to osteoporosis, one of the 10 most widespread diseases in Germany. We learned about this disease from the internet and journals and found that it is linked to a bad diet and lack of exercise. The diet problem brought our attention to a classmate, whose grandparents have to follow a special diet as they are suffering from diabetes mellitus. Also diabetes is one of the 10 most widespread diseases in Germany and its course can be influenced through adjusting ones diet. Therefore we decided to include diabetes in our study. We wanted to know to what extent our classmates are affected by these diseases and what we can do to protect ourselves. Also alcohol consumption and smoking kept coming up in this context. Therefore we also looked at the use of addictive substances amongst our classmates.

We wrote a questionnaire with 27 questions, which we distributed amongst the students of one course in each year and we analysed the results. We made suggestions for improvements based on the results and we have implemented them. Furthermore, we have interviewed a doctor and several patients. The result is this project.

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