The UV-Guard

Carolin Salmon, Karlotta Schlösser

project report

While looking for a good project idea, we were asking people about everyday problems that we could try to address. Someone with fair skin was complaining about frequent sunburn and we decided to look for a solution.

Initially, we wanted to construct a chemical UV-guard, however, after searching the internet for information about the sun, skin and sunburn, we discovered that our "novel" idea was not new. Nevertheless, we wanted to stick to our topic and thus we had to find a different way of realizing a UV-guard. We decided to design a physics-based electronic UV-guard.

Initially, we built a circuit that measures the intensity of solar radiation and a timer. Then we constructed our first prototype by combining both. By improving our design we arrived at the second prototype, which not only prevents sunburn, but also avoids tan lines by not having to be worn on the skin.

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