The Intelligent Burglar Alarm

Tobias Kaufmann, Luca Banszerus

project report

Our idea
We had the idea of designing a portable burglar alarm, which can protect items such as keys and wallets. An internet search for a suitable technology brought our attention to RFID, which is used in shops to protect products from theft. However, we had to adapt this technology so that the alarm would be triggered when the object leaves the secured area, rather than when it comes within the range of the receiver (security barriers in shops). Our new technology informs the owner immediately about the theft so that they can still take action before the thief escapes. This has the potential of reducing the number of thefts globally.

We use software, RFID transponders and the RFID reader LID665 by Trovan, which were given to us. The transponders and the RFID reader were able to communicate, however, the software was not suitable for realizing our idea. Therefore we developed our own software for the burglar alarm, which is based on C++ programming. Our burglar alarm works well for small distances, e.g. for protecting wallets and keys, but our current solution is not suitable for larger distances over which transponder and reader cannot communicate. Therefore we are planning to use radio waves or ultrasound for the realization of a burglar alarm with larger range.

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