Flood Protection

Kilian Günthner

project report

From the night of September 27th going into the morning of September 28th 2007 there was torrential rain in the Eifel and the river Erft flooded which resulted in a lot of damage. Even though we were not affected by the flood waters, the rain was so strong that water seeped through under the front door. Also color from the door dissolved and left marks on the floor. I had an idea: I put diapers under the door, which absorbed the water and could be easily removed without spilling. After finding out that diapers contain grains of superabsorbent polymers, I did several experiments to see how these superabsorbent grains work. I built a door seal using these grains and tissue from the diapers and I constructed a model of a door in a flower box to test my seal. It worked very well and therefore I decided to patent my invention "Self-sealing doors and windows".

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