The Redox Flow Cell 2.0

Sebastian Klick, Jens Nettersheim, Michael Garzem

project report

The redox flow cell is an energy-storage-system without self-discharge and memory effect. Therefore it is perfect for storing energy for a long time. The storage medium consists of a liquid electrolyte. The long lifetime (over 40 years) of redox flow cells is due mainly to the fact that the electrode is not changed in structure during the charging and discharging process. Another advantage is the size independence of the system, which allows storing a lot of energy in large tanks at a low cost. In our research project we developed a new design for a redox flow cell based on a vanadium/vanadium-battery. We solved several problems at low cost, e.g. the problems of leakage and oxidation protection. In addition we boosted the power of our cell by using a special design for our electrode.

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