The Organic Solar Cell - an Alternative Source of Energy?

Anne Bornkessel, Jens Börnicke

project report

Considering the various environmental challenges, we decided to take our own steps towards preserving the quality of life on our planet for the future. We do not mean the comfortable lifestyle that becomes possible with electronics, but rather the conservation of our planet's biodiversity. Renewable energy is essential for the protection of the environment. Therefore we investigate one of the oldest methods of energy harvesting: Photosynthesis!

By constructing organic solar cells we want to imitate this process efficiently. We have developed different solar cells and we are trying to increase their efficiency further. It is particularly important to replace rare materials with natural ones that are compatible with mass production and easily recyclable. The environment should be important to all of us and thus we aim to make our "green" solar cell easily usable and available to anyone.

So-called dye-sensitized solar cells are already being produced industrially, but their efficiency still needs to be increased. By identifying the most efficient plant dye, we want to make a contribution to a diverse and healthy environment.

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