Gardener without Garden - Horticulture 02

Marlene Parschau, Marla Cyriax, Julia Peintinger

project report

Hydroculture is the cultivation of plants without soil. The plants grow in a solution that contains all minerals and nutrients that the plants needs in order to grow. With growing population density it is becoming more difficult and therefore also less economical to supply the world's population with conventional agricultural products.

Bringing hydroculture and food supply together, we show that it is not only possible but also easy and cost effective to use hydroculture to grow food at home for personal use. We built a hydroculture system in the school garden and grew salads successfully. Then we tested a modified system for home use, which was based on recycled plastic bottles for sustainability. For reasons explained in the report, the initial design did not work and we are now testing an improved version, which appears to work better.

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