The Fuel-eating Fungal Barrier

Hannah Wagner-Gillen, Johanna Bungart

project report

We aim to use tree fungi to decompose substances such as diesel or crude oil in order to reverse the pollution of the seas. Thus, our goal is not just to contain such polluting substances, but to reverse the pollution altogether.

In order to solve this problem efficiently, we split it into two tasks.

In task one of our research project, we determined the optimal growth conditions of trametes versicolor, a local tree mushroom that is known to decompose harmful chemical and biological substances and to be resistant to a range of fuels. Furthermore, we developed an efficient method for successful cloning of the mycelium for further experiments.

In task two, we develop a modular barrier that floats and absorbs fuels, while not filling up with sea water. Our approach is based on a siliconized cotton container.

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