Nick Jakoby, Levin Reiners

project report

No more frayed card edges with Cliff - the card lifter.

Tired of damaged cards? Anyone who likes to play cards or complex board games knows: New cards will already have frayed edges after a short time. The reason: Cards are so flat that they can hardly be separated from flat surfaces. One solution is to push the card to the edge of the table where it can be picked up easily, but that is inconvenient and sometimes impossible. Another common technique is the use of fingernails to lift the edge of the card, but this will damage the edge of the paper. It's a shame if you consider the cost of board games. Cliff can help with that. Our card lifter protects all your cards, is intuitive, stylish and doesn't cost much. Thanks to its clever lifting technique, the card can be lifted easily and without leaving any residue. No more frayed card edges thanks to Cliff.

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