Special Gallery 2012

Our exhibit - IdeenPark Veronika, Walter, Binia, Moritz, Dennis - IdeenPark IdeenPark
IdeenPark in Essen attracted 320 000 people between 11th - 23rd August 2012 and was organized by ThyssenKrupp. Like 2008, St. Michael-Gymnasium participated in this technology festival with its own exhibit (photo). The team of St. Michael-Gymnasium: Veronika Stein, Walter Stein, Binia Neuer, Moritz Plötzing and Dennis Nebe. IdeenPark opens its gates.
Binia Neuer - IdeenPark Lunar rocket - IdeenPark Moritz Plötzing - IdeenPark
Binia Neuer shows our fridge full of chocolate "surprise eggs" to visitors and ... explains how they can be used for building a "lunar rocket". Moritz Plötzing supervises a group of kids building egg crash helmets.
Egg crash helmet - IdeenPark Veronika Stein, Minister for Families Ute Schäfer - IdeenPark Walter Stein - IdeenPark
The first egg crash helmet is pulled up to a height of 4 m. Veronika Stein explains to Minister for Families Ute Schäfer what children learn at the exhibit of St. Michael-Gymnasium. Walter Stein on stage.
Beer garden - IdeenPark Break - IdeenPark Rea Garvey Concert - IdeenPark
Relaxing in a beer garden after the day's work is done and ... ... having a lot of fun together. Or one attends Rea Garvey's concert at IdeenPark.
Awards ceremony - IdeenPark Award certificate - IdeenPark
Our team receives the "Creator of Ideas Award" which is endowed with € 2500 from Ralph Labonte (board member of ThyssenKrupp), Sylvia Löhrmann (Minister for Schools) and Thomas Wels (Editor of Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung) for their project "Miniforschung" at IdeenPark (source: ThyssenKrupp). This is the award certificate (source: ThyssenKrupp).
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