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Binia Neuer

Binia, Benedikt Lorbach and Moritz Plötzing were recognized with the 2nd place physics in Germany for creating plasma crystals in 2003.

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IdeenPark (2012)

Veronika, Walter, Binia, Moritz, Dennis - IdeenPark Binia Neuer - IdeenPark Lunar rocket - IdeenPark
The team of St. Michael-Gymnasium: Veronika Stein, Walter Stein, Binia Neuer, Moritz Plötzing and Dennis Nebe. Binia Neuer shows our fridge full of chocolate "surprise eggs" to visitors and ... explains how they can be used for building a "lunar rocket".

IdeenPark (2008)

Benedikt Lorbach, Ehepaar Plötzing, Tobias Plötzing, Arne Tinneberg, Binia Neuer - IdeenPark Benedikt Lorbach, Binia Neuer, Eric Plum, Walter Stein, Rainer Linden, Meike Spiess, Moritz Plötzing - IdeenPark Stage performance - IdeenPark
Benedikt Lorbach, Mr and Mrs Plötzing, Tobias Plötzing, Arne Tinneberg and Binia Neuer at the gala evening before the opening of IdeenPark Our team of young researchers at IdeenPark: Benedikt Lorbach, Binia Neuer, Eric Plum, Walter Stein, Rainer Linden (Director of the regional contest Düsseldorf, visiting), Meike Spiess and Moritz Plötzing ... or performing on stage
Dinner - IdeenPark In the evening, everyone has earned a big pizza

Plasma Crystals (2003)

Binia Neuer, Benedikt Lorbach, Moritz Plötzing Moritz Plötzing, Walter Stein, Binia Neuer, Benedikt Lorbach - National Contest Binia Neuer, Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder, Moritz Plötzing, Benedikt Lorbach
Binia Neuer, Benedikt Lorbach and Moritz Plötzing with their experimental setup at the regional contest "Jugend forscht" (source: ThyssenKrupp Services AG) Moritz, Walter Stein, Binia and Benedikt at the national contest "Jugend forscht" Binia, Moritz and Benedikt with German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the Federal Chancellery

Wave Physics Lab in a Box (2002)

Binia Neuer and Moritz Plötzing present their project at the regional contest "Jugend forscht" Binia Neuer, Moritz Plötzing - Regional Contest

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"Begabte Jugendliche sind ein Schatz"

"Begabte Jugendliche sind ein Schatz"

Occasion 20 years student research at St. Michael-Gymnasium
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 30.05.2006, page 30
Author Johannes Mager
"Miniforscher": Audienz bei Köhler

"Miniforscher": Audienz bei Köhler

Occasion Young scientists meet German President Horst Köhler
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 15.11.2004, page 28
Author Peter W. Schmitz
"Audienz" beim Kanzler

"Audienz" beim Kanzler

Occasion Our young scientists meet German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 30.06.2003
Author Peter W. Schmitz
Photographer Moritz Plötzing
Jugend forscht: "Michaelaner" wieder spitze

Jugend forscht: "Michaelaner" wieder spitze

Occasion National contest "Jugend forscht"
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 26.05.2003
Author Michael Schwarz
Mit Plasmakristallen und Pulsaren an die Spitze

Mit Plasmakristallen und Pulsaren an die Spitze

Occasion State contest "Jugend forscht"
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 15.04.2003
Author Elena Stein
Photographer Bayer AG
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