Picture Gallery 2022


Rufus Wegner - Regional Contest Bonn Rufus Wegner - State Contest Rufus Wegner, Nikolaus Weiler - National Contest
Rufus Wegner wins the digital regional contest in biology with his polyculture Rufus becomes a state champion by winning the award for the best interdisciplinary project Second place biology nationally! Rufus and his supervisor Nikolaus Weiler at the national competition
Rufus Wegner - National Contest Rufus shows how soil can be improved (source: Jugend forscht)

Water Treatment with Unpolarized Electrodes

Marian-Jonas Justen wins the second place in chemistry with his water decontamination system Marian-Jonas Justen - Regional Contest Bonn

Microwave Dehumidifier

Felix Freis - Regional Contest Bonn Felix Freis shows his innovative dehumidifier at the digital regional contest
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