Annual Overview 1993 (8 Hits)

Design and Construction of a Brake Light for Bicycles (Engineering)

Stephan Giernich Supervisor Walter Stein
Abstract Awards

Study of Leech and Planarian Polulations (Biology)

Christian Bornkessel, Dennis Schneider Supervisor Karl Heuel

How does our Psychological Wellbeing Influence the Appearance of our Hair? (Biology)

Sarah Prygotzki, Dorothee Schlich Supervisor Walter Stein
Abstract Awards

Astronomy without Telescope (Geo/Astro)

Marc Bungart, Jan Erlinghagen Supervisor Walter Stein

Determination of the Water Quality (Biology)

Markus Hergarden Supervisor Karl Heuel

Study of the Ecological Importance of Piles of Branches in Nature (Biology)

Jenny Riedel, Kerstin Riedel, Bibiane Waasem Supervisor Karl Heuel

Observation of Caterpillers in an Insectarium (Biology)

Judith Acksteiner, Bianca Irnich Supervisor Karl Heuel

Microscopic Study of the Organisms of an Eifel River (Biology)

Patrick Aßelborn, Jan Behrend Supervisor Karl Heuel

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