Picture Gallery 1999

Robin Stein, Daniel Merget, Meike Spiess - State Contest Robin Stein, Daniel Merget and Meike Spiess at the state contest

The Footmouse

Moritz Plötzing - National Contest Familie Plötzing - National Contest
Moritz Plötzing is being interviewed by a TV reporter at the national contest The Plötzing family at the national competition

Do Traffic Signs Have to be Stupid?

Meike Spiess, Daniel Merget - Regional Contest Do Traffic Signs Have to be Stupid? - Regional Contest
Meike Spiess and Daniel Merget present their intelligent street signs at the regional contest The intelligent street sign experimental setup at the regional competition

Maps through the Ages: Bad Münstereifel

Robin Stein - State Contest Robin Stein - State Contest
Robin Stein presents his project at the state contest Robin at the awards ceremony of the state competition
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