Picture Gallery 2000

Group Photo - Regional Contest Group picture at the regional contest

Mobile Home Monitoring through the World Wide Web

Annika Baron and Philip Siefer present their project at the regional competition Annika Baron, Philip Siefer - Regional Contest

3D Printing at Home

Meike Spiess - State Contest Meike Spiess presents her 3D printer at the state competition

Cooling with the Sun

Daniel Merget, Florian Merget and Sebastian Osterspey in front of their exhibit at the regional contest Daniel Merget, Florian Merget, Sebastian Osterspey - Regional Contest

Getting Rid of the Dirt - The School must get Clean!

Ronja Stein, Jennifer Ulrich - Regional Contest Ronja Stein and Jennifer Ulrich present their project regarding dirt at school at the regional contest
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