Picture Gallery 2001

Group Photo - Regional Contest Group picture at the regional contest

Novel Bike Lights for more Safety and Comfort

Eric Plum presents his novel bike lights at the state competition Eric Plum - State Contest

The Intelligent Toothbrush

Meike Spiess - Regional Contest Meike Spiess and her exhibit at the regional contest

Physics Experiments in the Microwave Oven

Robin Stein and Moritz Plötzing with their microwave oven at the regional competition Robin Stein, Moritz Plötzing - Regional Contest

Recycled Paper, Why Not?

Anna Schweinem, Sophia Uhlmann - Regional Contest Anna Schweinem and Sophia Uhlmann present their project at the regional contest

Spectroscopic Experiments with Inexpensive Tools

Stefan Hück and Julian Merget explain their spectroscopic experiments at the regional contest Stefan Hück, Julian Merget - Regional Contest
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