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Project and Authors Awards

The Organic Solar Cell - an Alternative Source of Energy?
(Biology, 2012)

Anne Bornkessel, Jens Börnicke

BundesUmweltWettbewerb 2012
  • Advancement Award of the BundesUmweltWettbewerb (National Environment Competition)
    Anne and Jens developed their "Jugend forscht"-project further and submitted it to the BundesUmweltWettbewerb entitled "The dye-sensitized solar cell – learning from nature – acting sustainably!". The advancement award of € 250 was awarded on 15th September 2012 in the Nakundu hall of the Urwald-Life-Camp at the edge of the National Park Hainich near Eisenach.

Generation and Use of Biohydrogen
(Biology, 2007)

Anne Bornkessel, Jiexia Chen

Regional Contest "Schüler experimentieren"
  • 2nd Place Biology
  • Special Award Green Technology and Nature Conservation

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The Organic Solar Cell - an Alternative Source of Energy? (2012)

Anne Bornkessel, Jens Börnicke - Regional Contest Anne Bornkessel and Jens Börnicke demonstrate how their organic solar cell works

Generation and Use of Biohydrogen (2007)

Jiexia Chen and Anne Bornkessel present their energy project at the regional contest Jiexia Chen, Anne Bornkessel - Regional Contest Cologne

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Moderlieschen und Krebse

Moderlieschen und Krebse

Occasion Regional contest "Jugend forscht" and "Schüler experimentieren" in Köln
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 05.03.2007, page 40
Author Michael Schwarz
Grünalgen als "Sprit"-Produzenten

Grünalgen als "Sprit"-Produzenten

Occasion RWE sponsors a supervisor for our research programme
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 13.12.2006, page 41
Author Peter W. Schmitz
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