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Project and Authors Awards

Hot Cooling
(Engineering, 2011)

Sebastian Klick, Katharina Springer, Sarah Meyer

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht" (Köln)
  • Special Award Environment

Photonic Liquid Crystals
(Engineering, 2010)

Katharina Springer, Sarah Meyer, Sebastian Klick

Regional Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • 1st Place Engineering
    ⇒ Qualification for the state contest "Jugend forscht" in Leverkusen.
  • Special Award of ThyssenKrupp
State Contest "Jugend forscht"
  • Award of the Youth Jury
  • Award for an outstanding engineering project by girls

Pictures of Sarah Meyer (3 Hits)

Hot Cooling (2011)

Sarah Meyer, Katharina Springer, Sebastian Klick - Regional Contest Sarah Meyer, Katharina Springer and Sebastian Klick present their project at the regional contest

Photonic Liquid Crystals (2010)

Katharina Springer, Sebastian Klick, Sarah Meyer - Regional Contest Düsseldorf Sarah Meyer, Sebastian Klick, Katharina Springer - State Contest
Katharina Springer, Sebastian Klick and Sarah Meyer show their results at the regional contest "Jugend forscht" in Düsseldorf Our liquid crystal researchers at the state contest (source: Bayer AG)

Sarah Meyer's Press Coverage (1 Hits)

Die Miniforschergruppen räumten ordentlich ab

Die Miniforschergruppen räumten ordentlich ab

Occasion Regional contests Cologne and Düsseldorf
Source Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 05.03.2010, page 42
Photographer Ulrik Eichentopf
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