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The Egg Crash Helmet (2008)

Tjarko Rahlf, Benjamin Nöke - Regional Contest Benjamin Nöke, Tjarko Rahlf, Stefan Hück - Regional Contest
Tjarko Rahlf and Benjamin Nöke present their research at the regional contest Benjamin and Tjarko with young scientist Stefan Hück

How Dangerous are Nanoparticles? (2007)

Benjamin Nöke, Tjarko Rahlf - Regional Contest Benjamin Nöke and Tjarko Rahlf report their findings on dangers of nanoparticles at the regional contest

Eco-Friendly Production of Hydrogen (2006)

Benjamin Nöke, Benjamin Weigand, Tjarko Rahlf - Regional Contest Tjarko Rahlf, Vera Küppers, Benjamin Weigand, Benjamin Nöke - Regional Contest
Benjamin Nöke, Benjamin Weigand and Tjarko Rahlf answer the questions of the biology jury at the regional contest Tjarko, supervisor Vera Küppers, Benjamin W. and Benjamin N. in front of their exhibit about eco-friendly production of hydrogen

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Kilian rückt Hochwasser mit Windeln zu Leibe

Kilian rückt Hochwasser mit Windeln zu Leibe

Occasion Regional contest "Jugend forscht" and "Schüler experimentieren" in Düsseldorf
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 21.02.2008, page 44
Author Peter W. Schmitz
Photographer ThyssenKrupp
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