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The Algae Suit - Closed Oxygen Production System as Long-term Breathing Apparatus (Biology, 2017)

Jan Roitzheim, Marie König School yearQ1, Q1 Supervisor Dennis Nebe
Abstract Report Awards

Electromagnetic Pulse Generator (Engineering, 2016)

Jan Roitzheim, Max Bieger School yearEF, EF Supervisor Christian Plötzing
Abstract Report Awards

Experiments based on a Homemade 3D Scanner (Engineering, 2015)

Finn Cyriax, Jan Roitzheim School yearEF, 9c Supervisor Walter Stein
Abstract Report

Robotics Exploiting Vibrations (Engineering, 2013)

Lorenz Assenmacher, Jakob Assenmacher, Jan Roitzheim School year7a, 7a, 7c SupervisorWalter Stein, Stefan Hück
Abstract Report Awards

Pictures of Jan Roitzheim (5 Hits)

The Algae Suit - Closed Oxygen Production System as Long-term Breathing Apparatus (2017)

Marie König, Jan Roitzheim - Regional Contest Bonn Marie König and Jan Roitzheim present the results of their algae experiments

Electromagnetic Pulse Generator (2016)

Jan Roitzheim and Max Bieger at their exhibit at the regional contest in Düsseldorf Jan Roitzheim, Max Bieger - Regional Contest Düsseldorf

Experiments based on a Homemade 3D Scanner (2015)

Jan Roitzheim, Finn Cyriax - Regional Contest Düsseldorf Jan Roitzheim and Finn Cyriax at their exhibit

Robotics Exploiting Vibrations (2013)

Jakob Assenmacher, Lorenz Assenmacher, Jan Roitzheim - Regional Contest Jan Roitzheim, Lorenz Assenmacher, Jakob Assenmacher - State Contest
Jakob Assenmacher, Lorenz Assenmacher and Jan Roitzheim receive their winner's certificate at the regional contest in Solingen (source: Andrea Römer) Jan Roitzheim, Lorenz Assenmacher and Jakob Assenmacher with their robots at the state contest "Schüler experimentieren"

Jan Roitzheim's Press Coverage (2 Hits)

Handy macht Zahnbürste mobil

Handy macht Zahnbürste mobil

Occasion State contest "Schüler experimentieren"
Source Kölnische Rundschau, 30.04.2013, page 32
Kosmische Maser und Vibrationsrobotik

Kosmische Maser und Vibrationsrobotik

Occasion Regional contest "Jugend forscht" and "Schüler experimentieren"
Source Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 06.03.2013, page 40
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