Picture Gallery 2017

Group Photo St. Michael-Gymnasium - Regional Contest Our young researchers at the regional contest in Düsseldorf

The Algae Suit - Closed Oxygen Production System as Long-term Breathing Apparatus

Marie König and Jan Roitzheim present the results of their algae experiments Marie König, Jan Roitzheim - Regional Contest Bonn

Efficient Low Cost Biogas Plant

Jennifer Eiring, Gwendolin Münch, Aileen Jahr - Regional Contest Bonn Jennifer Eiring, Gwendolin Münch and Aileen Jahr with their biogas plant

Optimization of Yeast Conservation

Jonas Franck at his exhibit Jonas Franck - Regional Contest Düsseldorf

Construction of a Pykrete-based Counterflow Cooler

Björn Bouwer, Marie Baum - Regional Contest Düsseldorf Björn Bouwer and Marie Baum with their counterflow cooler

3D-printing with PET Bottles

Yannik Dumon and Timo Keller with their apparatus Yannik Dumon, Timo Keller - Regional Contest Düsseldorf

Self-closing Hand

Niklas Keischgens, Aaron Philipzen, Henri Kühn - Regional Contest Düsseldorf Niklas Keischgens, Aaron Philipzen and Henri Kühn present their work

Popcorn - Not just a Snack

David Mohr at his exhibit David Mohr - Regional Contest Düsseldorf

Fish Fin Power Plant

Frederik Dumon, Marc Heinrichs - Regional Contest Düsseldorf Frederik Dumon and Marc Heinrichs with their fish fin power plant

Good Air - Good Performance

Nico Prinz at his exhibit in Düsseldorf Nico Prinz - Regional Contest Düsseldorf
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